Meet our Crisp and Fresh Watermelon, the cut-fruit favorite!

Melon 1 is the only place you’ll find the legendary Crisp and Fresh seedless watermelon variety, the premier choice for pre-cut fruit products like ready-to-eat fruit trays, fruit cups, and more.

Watermelon Seeds

What’s so special about a Crisp and Fresh melon?

Watermelon with Crisp and Sweet Label

Low Purge Variety.

When you cut into a Crisp and Fresh watermelon, each slice is juicier and more delicious because more liquid stays in the melon, not on your cutting board.

Year-Round Availability.

Melon 1 grows Crisp and Fresh watermelons along the East Coast, as far west as Kentucky, and into Central America for a year-round supply of fresh, ready-to-cut fruit.

Watermelons being planted
Sliced Watermelon on the table

Nice and Firm.

We collaborated with Syngenta Seeds to develop a proprietary “Firm Flesh” variety that’s twice as firm as a traditional seedless watermelon.

ONLY at Melon 1.

Through years of development, testing and tasting, we’re proud to say our exclusive Crisp and Firm melon variety is the height of sliced melon perfection!

Watermelon Fries

Get Crisp and Fresh now!

We primarily sell Crisp and Fresh melons to cut fruit processors and a few select retailers.

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