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Melon 1 started when two family farms came together to better serve customers; today, we continue the tradition by working with only family-run, quality-conscious local farms across the United States and Central America.


Watermelons harvest here in April - June

Bob Stewart and Family
Bob Stewart, GID Farms

Immokalee, FL

Bob Stewart has been farming since 1998. He began growing watermelon in Immokalee, FL in 2009. Bob enjoys bringing his sons Boone and Bryson to the field and teaching them the difference between pollinators (seeded) and seedless watermelon.

Steve Singletary and Family
Steve Singletary, Bayshore Farms

Punta Gorda, FL

Steve Singletary is the 3rd generation farmer in his family and has been farming his entire life, first with his father and brothers. And in 1993 he started farming on his own with his brother John. Now he farms with his boys Mathew and Cody. What he enjoys most about farming is having his boys by his side in the business he loves, growing watermelons.

Kyler Bishop, C&L Farms

Punta Gorda, FL

Kyler Bishop is a 6th generation farmer. His parents and grand parents farmed watermelons, sweet potatoes, oranges, and raised cattle. He oversees the operations of C&L Farms for their Spring and Fall crops. Kyler was born and raised in Punta Gorda, Florida. He has been a member of the Melon 1 family since 2010.

Matthew Singletary
Mathew Singletary, MSS Farms

Punta Gorda, FL

Mathew Singletary is a 4th generation farmer. He has been farming with his Dad and Uncle his entire life. In 2009 with the help of his Dad and Uncle he started his own field which is now MSS Farms.He feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity to not only learn, but to also be able to share a profession of what he is most passionate about.

Ralph Chastain Photo
Ralph Chastain, JDI Farms

Punta Gorda, FL

Ralph Chastain is a 7th generation farmer. His father and grandfather grew watermelons from South Georgia to South Florida. He has been operating his own farm since 1982. Today he farms with his son, Chad Chastain and his brother-in-law Doug Miller.

Jay Sizemore and Dean Broughton - Jaymar Produce
Jay Sizemore and Dean Broughton, Jaymar Produce

Wimauma, FL

Jay Sizemore and Dean Broughton are both multi-generation farmers. The two have been farming together since 2000. They grow watermelons, strawberries, oranges in Wimauma, FL

Chastain Family Photo
T.J. and Jay Chastain, Chastain Farms

Gorda, FL

TJ Chastain is a 4th generation farmer, and began farming in 1958. Today he farms watermelons in Punta Gorda, FL with his son Jay. In addition to growing watermelon, they also raise cattle.


Watermelons harvest here June - July

Gravitts Family Photo
The Gravitt Family, Gravitt Produce

Ashburn, GA

The Gravitt family includes Jerry Gravitt and his three sons, Rusty, Clay and Clint and together they own Gravitt Produce. Jerry is a 2nd generation farmer, and has been farming his whole life. As you can tell, farming is a family affair for the Gravitts. They also grow peanuts and cotton.

Randy Ellis
Randy Ellis, Dixie Land Farms

Cordele, GA

As a kid, Randy Ellis grew up following his Dad around the melon fields in Dooly County, Georgia. Today, Randy is a 3rd generation farmer and has been farming on his own since 1976. He farms watermelons, peanuts, cotton, and soybeans.

Rob Greene and Family
Rob Greene, Lime Creek Farms

Arabi, GA

Rob Greene is a 4th generation farmer. While he has been farming watermelons for nearly 20 years, he is a very active farmer in south Georgia. He grows peanuts, soybeans, cotton, has some cattle, and a transportation division of Lime Creek.

Lewis Family Photo
The Lewis Family, Lewis Farms

Cordele, GA

Melvin & Ben Mathis
Melvin & Ben Mathis, MGM Plant Farms

Tifton, GA

MGM has three generations of farmers growing watermelons. Melvin, Michael and Ben (all pictured) embrace family farming, When Melvin began watermelon farming in 1977, he knew he was Mel-on! Together they grow watermelons and greenhouse tobacco plants.

North Carolina

Watermelons harvest here July - August

Harrell Family
Bill, David & Charlie Harrell, Agrarian, Inc.

Stantonsburg, NC

Bill Harrell and his two sons, Charlie and David, are 4th and 5th generation farmers. Historically tobacco, corn, and soybean farmers, they expanded into the produce market in 1998. They now grow cucumbers, sweet potatoes, and have been growing watermelons with Melon 1 since 2011. Approximately 160 acres of watermelons are grown annually.

Lancaster Family
Ronald, Glen and Richard Lancaster, Lancaster Farms

Wilson, NC

Brothers Richard, Glenn, and Ronald Lancaster now represent the sixth generation of their family line engaged in the Lancaster enterprise. The four Lancaster cousins – Sarah Carraway along with Vann, Derek and Bryant Lancaster – represent the seventh generation, each assuming responsibility and leadership within different divisions of Lancaster Farms.
They also grow sweet potatoes, tobacco, peanuts, cotton, soybeans, corn, cucumbers and green peppers for a total of 8,000 acres annually.


Watermelons harvest here July - September

Reids Family Photo
The Reid Family, Reid Farms, Inc.

Rhodesdale, MD

The Reid Family name has been synonymous with farming for over 200 years. Today, Mr. Dennis Reid and his brother Rick Reid and his son Denny Reid farm together with Stephen Abt, Scott Abt, Zach Blanchfield and Vance Monroe. Although they grow 700 acres of watermelons, all together they grow 4,000 acres of commodities in Maryland.


Watermelons harvest here July - September

Swartzentruber Family Photo
Roger & Ryan Swartzentruber, Delaware

Greenwood, DE

Roger Swartzentruber is a 3rd generation farmer. Today, he farms watermelons with his son Ryan. All together they also gorw corn, soybeans, wheat and raise cattle. When Roger’s grandson Oliver (pictured) grows up, he going to take over the family farm too.

Corey and Scot Givens
Corey & Scot Givens, C&S Farms

Laurel, DE

Corey and Scot are fourth generation farmers who started growing their own vegetable garden for their own small roadside produce stand when they were teenagers. Today, they still have a roadside stand, but it is much bigger. In addition to watermelons, they also grow tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, cantaloupe corn and soybeans. Today they grow nearly 600 acres of watermelons.

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Doug Corey & Jesse Vanderwende

Bridgeville, DA

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Glen Givens

Laurel, DE

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Jeff Givens

Laurel, DE


Watermelons harvest here July - August

Gary Cecil and Family
Gary Cecil, Cecil Farms

Owensboro, KY

Gary Cecil is a generational farmer in northern Kentucky, Cecil Farms, as it is today started in 1981. Now Gary and his wife Imelda and their three children Ryan, Suzanne and Katie all work together to grow watermelons, tobacco, potatoes, squash, zucchini, bell peppers, cucumbers and pumpkins. Annually, they grow between 250 – 500 acres of watermelons.

As the largest watermelon grower and shipper in the country, we partner with our farmers every day to deliver on our quality and sustainability promises.

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